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Kelpies? Water serpents? More real than you think!

This roguelike allows you to fight creatures from Scottish folklore as you explore a cave and unlock its secrets.

The project would have a series of rooms that the player explores where they would defeat enemies leading up to a boss fight at the end of each floor.  Each time the player explored the cave they would be able to level up in skills and even unlock new weapons and enemies to fight against.

This is itch.io page is sprites and concepts that we have created for the game jam.

Team Ping Pong Cat:

Ruben Mateus - Programming

Kieran McDermott - Programming

Melina G. Ayala - Character Animation and Programming

Alfie Vaughan - Environment Art

Oliver Lloyd - Environment Art


pingpong cat logo.png 201 kB
sprites.png 968 kB

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